Support Level Agreements

Everything relies on technology and unfortunately on occasion disruptions do occur; that is when Compunets is here to assist you.

Compunets Service is available on a casual basis or if you prefer peace of mind, the following three additional levels of Service are available:

 Business IT Service Managed IT Service Critical IT Service
Services Included:
Start-Up Infrastructure Audit
Monitoring Agent
- Patch Monitoring
- Core Resource Monitoring
- Remote Support Capabilities
Monthly PC Maintenance
- End Point Security Scans
- Event Viewer Assessments
- PC Health Checks
Service Desk
24/7 Server Monitoring and Maintenance
Third Party IT Services Management
Secure Backup Management
Network and End Point Security
Quarterly IT Review and Strategy Meetings
Fixed Yearly Support Hours
24/7 Contact Support

System Configuration and Optimization

If you are upgrading and need your personal or business data moved between your old, and new, device we have extensive experience in completing the migration to the highest standard. In addition, over time, your system may become slow, unresponsive or just overburdened as you place more demand on your device. It may not be necessary to replace the hardware but rather “service” your existing device by removing PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs), Trojans, Malware or even viruses if they exist and releasing resources to gain better performance.

Hardware Repairs

Hardware, of any description, is apt to fail. It is difficult to predict and does not usually fail when you can afford it to. We have a comprehensive workshop for the purpose of identifying, repairing/replacing failed components and ensuring your system is operational again as quickly as possible. By advising you of the issues, and also the repair requirements along with costs, we give you the opportunity to make decisions to get the most and still meet your budget constraints.

Hardware Upgrades

There are times when you require more resources but not necessarily a complete overhaul to your system or endpoint device. Once more we can determine a best course to help your hardware meet your needs without having to replace everything if it is not required.

Virus Removal

No longer is it a case of if you might get a virus but more likely when you will get a virus. They take many forms being Trojans, Ransomware, PUP or Malware but none of them are wanted and it is always a case of prevention is better than
the cure. We can clean your system and provide you with solutions to minimise the likelihood of obtaining another one.
We take a holistic approach to your endpoint protection and we will not only remove the virus but also challenge you regarding your existing protection solution and, more importantly, how you are protecting your data in the event of a complete disaster. Data protection is not merely for the corporations but as much for your home devices also. Corporations losing data is one thing but losing those valuable documents and digital family photo’s forever would be irreplaceable.


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