At Compunets we will evaluate your current ICT infrastructure and collaborate with you to develop an IT Strategy that meets your expectations, budget and timeframe with the ultimate result – improving your organisations productivity.


Project Management

However large or small your project requirements, our experience in ICT and Business Environments, Current and Emerging Technologies coupled with our Consultative Approach, ensures we will provide you with accurate advice and solutions to meet your objectives.  In addition, we will manage your project from inception to completion in a professional and timely manner.


Performance Improvements

Compunets can conduct an evaluation of your current IT environment, from this; we will be able to ascertain if it is likely to improve the performance of your existing systems.  If improvement is possible, we will adjust the systems to achieve better performance and longer life.


Disaster Recovery Plan

All organisations should have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).  Compunets can assist you to devise and create a DRP that will enable your business to mitigate downtime in the event of a disaster and rapidly facilitate a system and data restoration for business continuity.  


Comprehensive Site Audit & Risk Assessment

Compunets will conduct a comprehensive site audit and provide you with an evaluation of your organisational ICT Risks.  Upon reviewing the audit we will propose recommendations for you to reduce risks and improve your business continuity management processes if required.


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