Network & Systems Upgrades

Computer Equipment has a finite life. As hardware ages it becomes a greater risk to your business and therefore becomes more likely to cause you downtime when you least need it. Compunets specialise in assessing your needs, now and into
the future. We assess, plan, devise, deploy and manage your network and system upgrades to ensure maximum uptime
for your system(s).

Server Virtualisation

At Compunets we believe in getting the most value for your investment. For some time now virtualisation has been a
part of the IT landscape and we have embraced this technology. Virtualisation offers you the opportunity to create
virtual resources such as servers, desktops, file storage and operating systems upon a single platform.


If you are relocating your IT infrastructure, Compunets will ensure a smooth transition leaving you free to concentrate
on the more mundane task of unpacking boxes. We prepare your destination site, dismantle and reassemble your
entire IT infrastructure to ensure you are up and operating as soon as possible.

 Wireless Solutions

As there are many Wireless communications technologies available today, Compunets will help you decipher the complexities and will offer a workable solution for your wireless needs.


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