Office Productivity Solutions

In many cases the requirement to run services in-house has now become more of an administration headache than an aid to productivity. With mainstream applications such as Office, Exchange or SharePoint evolving constantly the fight to keep up comes at a cost, and a burden, to most organisations. Compunets are experts in migrating your services from an in-house, high maintenance and administration resource to a more streamlined and cost effective solution by employing such products as Office 365 and hosted exchange.


Cloud Service Solutions

Speak to us about a solution for your cloud requirements. These services can offer you flexibility in provisioning and scaling your resources to meet the demands of your users, hosted applications and solutions. Compunets works with cloud service providers to best meet your end-to-end availability and security. We also can provide Hybrid Cloud solutions to compliment your in-house IT infrastructure to provide the best solution for you.


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